About Us




Cold shot originated as a passenger freighting service that quickly evolved to take upon itself to provide an expanded plethora of services including supplying goods, services and connecting communities, businesses and people all over Alberta. Founded and run by dedicated citizens of the province, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest transportation services in Alberta, employing hundreds of workers and staff to help us realize our goal of providing to the people, and ultimately giving Canada the service, it deserves. Since our inception, we have willed to be more than just a corporation providing a service, we have been the lifeline of the province.


Our core beliefs and values have always centered on giving back to the province that has given us a chance to evolve beyond what any company hopes to be. We embrace the socialistic roots of our nation to provide to the people a utility they can count on. By giving to the people the world class amenities at fares that all sections of our society can afford, we have built a name for ourselves that resonates with caring. Cold Shot is not another Corporation that puts profits foremost; to us, the impact we echo on our citizen, the care with which we treat our employees, and the respect we have for the honest, hardworking men and women comes before our revenue stream.


The steadfast, dynamic goal of our company is to make life easier; for our customers as well as our employees. Our corporate personality of philanthropy reverberates through the benevolence and caring sentiment of our employees; a sentiment that we expect all our employees to possess with pride. Every little ripple that we make towards realizing this mission brings us that much closer to a brighter future for our families and fellow persons. To expand beyond the province of Alberta is only one part of our mission, we expect to do so with keeping our core beliefs and the way of life we inspire intact.


The vision for Cold Shot is simple. We yearn to keep pushing our horizons, while maintaining our grit and hard work that have led us to the tremendous success that we are today. We will always seek out new opportunities, for our workers as well as our loyal customer base; opportunities to grow, as well as to contribute to the fruitful development of our province and country.


Our working culture is inspired by our roots of hard work, benevolence and perseverance, and we encourage each employee to reflect these qualities in their work. The very lifeblood of this company is the many diligent employees that contribute to its soaring heights, and we reward this diligence with all the tutelage that they deserve, and then some. By being a part of Cold Shot, you become a member of our family, and we look out for each other at every turn.